Escort to lift!

Last week I was out of town. During that week one of the evenings Gourika (10) and Ishaan (6) went to the playground within our housing complex to play. For some reason he wanted to come home earlier. So he told his sister that he is going home. She asked him to wait, but he said he can manage on his own. Our complex is gated but with over 1000 apartments. He waked into our apartment block, and met the local delivery boy who works in the grocery store that is within the complex. The boy was on an errand to deliver some goods. Ishaan knows this older boy well as he often accompanies me or his sister to buy things from the store. He requested the delivery boy to escort him in the lift to the 8th floor where our apartment is. 

My mother was at home, so she was surprised to find him come back alone. He told her matter-of-fact, “The delivery boy is no stranger, we all know him pretty well, so I asked for help.”

We all left it at that and went about our work. 

Later I did speak to Gourika and asked her what happened and she said Ishaan did not want to be escorted by her. He told her he wanted to try out on his own.

This is the first time.


ABBA and Grilled Prawns!

I have been in Pune for the last five days to make my new house in Pune liveable for my children, Goldy and me. I have been staying with Hema. And feel so at home with her children Raghu and Zoya. The other day I was resting in the guest room and Zoya came into the room and lay beside me on the bed. She just lay quietly and did not want me to say anything to her. I was sensing that she was just enjoying my company. Just before that she had helped me cut some potatoes and tomatoes for the dinner dish that I volunteered to cook. During that time Hema had played ABBA songs on the iPad in the kitchen and Zoya and I were dancing while cooking. Zoya loves the film Mama Mia and she loves all the songs. She one day asked me if I would watch the film with her. And I did. I also see how much Gourika, my daughter and Zoya have in common. The things that thy love to do are so similar. 

Last evening Ishaan, my son, called from Delhi and he wanted to speak to Raghu, Hema’s son. My phone was not catching good signal. I told this to Hema in Raghu’s present. He said he too would want to speak to Ishaan. So Hema dialed Delhi number from her phone. Raghu and Ishaan shared how they both liked Grilled Prawns and then Raghu gave the phone to Snowy, their dog and asked Ishaan to speak to Snowy!. Zoya also spoke to Gourika.


Life is secure and so are your children!

Priya Ravi and her husband Ravi Badri along with their five month old daughter, Deeksha visited us at home. It was a delight to have a little baby at home after a long time. The last time we had a baby that small was when my sister gave birth to her little one. For me personally it was a warm fuzzy feeling in the body and heart. To hold Deeksha was like healing my body,mind and spirit.

I had met Priya in 2011 at the Learning Society’s Conference(LSC)  in Bir, Himachal Pradesh. She was the woman with a movie camera there. She made a film on some of us unschoolers who had gathered for a small heart to heart at the Deer Park Monastery there. The film is called “Salt Water and Wisdom” and is available on YouTube. If anyone is interested please watch it.

After the conference, Priya was inspired to become a mother herself and wrote several mails to a few of us expressing her desire for motherhood. This time when I met Priya, she looked like a mother! It is strange. I actually mentioned this to her and told her how different her face and body looked from when I had met her last. Her face was distinctly benevolent. Her body language focused and calmer in some ways. She even had different emotional expressions. She appeared to be a different woman this time.

Her husband Ravi I were meeting for the first time. I had read his mails often on the LSC mailing list. What I liked about him was his self introspective nature and the willingness to walk a different path.

Together as parents of a newborn, they were relaxed and peacefully happy to be with their baby.

The highlight of that evening was the amazing chemistry between Goldy, our dog, and Deeksha. I won’t write much and leave you all with the pictures that I took of the natural curiosity and love and safety that the two shared. I am grateful to Priya and Ravi for trusting Goldy and Deeksha and whole of life.



Light weight heavy weight!

I was caught by my son, when I used the phrase, “You always do this….”

He stopped me and said, “That is not the truth, are you sure I always do this? I feel I only do it sometimes.”


Last night the kids were jumping on the bed. It broke!

Dear daughter, went into the bathroom out of fear, as it broke the moment she jumped.

Dear son jumps all the time!

So I knocked on the bathroom door and asked her to come out. She was crying. I held her tight and kissed her a lot. Then I asked her, what was she feeling. She said she was scared that the bed broke because of her.

So I asked her, “do you really think that is the truth?

She was silent for a few seconds and said, “No”.

Then I told her but I feel we did learn something that is important here.

That is that, perhaps the bed is not strong for her weight anymore?

DS was listening to all this and added, “Well I feel even though I am lighter, jumping on the bed every day can cause damage to the weak bed even by someone light as me and then sometimes when Mini (their three-year-old cousin) jumps along with me then it is not so light.”

It was late in the night and we kind of resolved three things.

1. The bed is not so strong.

2. DD is not so light.

3. DS is light but not light enough to not cause damage to the otherwise not so strong bed.

Good lessons I guess…and no mistakes here!!


Hello world!

I had started this blog as I have been having the need to share my parenting  journey. I want to give to the world what my children give to me as gifts each day. I want to share my unlearning and learning in being with children. I also have been wanting to share stories from my childhood which are quiet entertaining and insightful. The inspirations for this blog are my children and life itself.

I am also adding below the various forums which are internet enabled,  on which you will find my presence as writer, moderator, counselor to numerous parents wanting to take the path of learning without school and spiritually connecting with themselves and their children and the rest of life.

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