Hello world!

I had started this blog as I have been having the need to share my parenting  journey. I want to give to the world what my children give to me as gifts each day. I want to share my unlearning and learning in being with children. I also have been wanting to share stories from my childhood which are quiet entertaining and insightful. The inspirations for this blog are my children and life itself.

I am also adding below the various forums which are internet enabled,  on which you will find my presence as writer, moderator, counselor to numerous parents wanting to take the path of learning without school and spiritually connecting with themselves and their children and the rest of life.

Please feel free to contact me through my blogs or through my email id


or through my Facebook timeline


Other Lists on which I am present as facilitator, writer, counselor…

1. homeschoolers.in is the official Swashikshan – Association of Indian Homeschoolers website.
It is open to all. Newcomers, media persons, visitors etc. are directed here.
What you can do to make it come alive – contribute articles, links to your blogs on homeschooling, other interesting links, general homeschool information, resource persons, classes, workshops and activities in your city/area…
You can send all this more (that you feel will be interesting and relevant) to Navin Pangti, Dola Dasgupta or Priya Desikan for uploading.
2.  swashikshan@googlegroups.com is the official discussion group for homeschoolers only where we discuss everything under the sun that affects us and our families.
     Also when there is a national event, a lot of the communication has been happening there.
3.  For those more comfortable with FB, there are also two closed FB groups: https://www.facebook.com/groups/indiahomeschoolers/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/indialearning/
4.  indiahomeschoolers.ning.com is for homeschoolers only, others are given 6 months to decide. Here there are Forum Discussions, you can also form your own Group for regional or topic or any other need, there is an Event section to give details of events, a Blog section to share your musings and articles, space to upload Photos and Videos, a Chat Room, in fact a one stop communication shop!
5.  There are also punehomeschoolers@googlegroups.



3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Awesome, Dola.. Love your being, authenticity and focused action- and a lot else. You have been perhaps the most amazing woman I have met and walked with.. in many ways. And I so salute the mother, the friend, the child, the human and the beyond in you. I so look forward to reading this and participating in whatever way I best know. Its so fun walking with you.. its adventurous, its real, its ever-new. Like the flowing river sometimes, like the wild fire at times, a cool breeze, the vast sky.. and more.. Love..

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