Light weight heavy weight!

I was caught by my son, when I used the phrase, “You always do this….”

He stopped me and said, “That is not the truth, are you sure I always do this? I feel I only do it sometimes.”


Last night the kids were jumping on the bed. It broke!

Dear daughter, went into the bathroom out of fear, as it broke the moment she jumped.

Dear son jumps all the time!

So I knocked on the bathroom door and asked her to come out. She was crying. I held her tight and kissed her a lot. Then I asked her, what was she feeling. She said she was scared that the bed broke because of her.

So I asked her, “do you really think that is the truth?

She was silent for a few seconds and said, “No”.

Then I told her but I feel we did learn something that is important here.

That is that, perhaps the bed is not strong for her weight anymore?

DS was listening to all this and added, “Well I feel even though I am lighter, jumping on the bed every day can cause damage to the weak bed even by someone light as me and then sometimes when Mini (their three-year-old cousin) jumps along with me then it is not so light.”

It was late in the night and we kind of resolved three things.

1. The bed is not so strong.

2. DD is not so light.

3. DS is light but not light enough to not cause damage to the otherwise not so strong bed.

Good lessons I guess…and no mistakes here!!



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