Life is secure and so are your children!

Priya Ravi and her husband Ravi Badri along with their five month old daughter, Deeksha visited us at home. It was a delight to have a little baby at home after a long time. The last time we had a baby that small was when my sister gave birth to her little one. For me personally it was a warm fuzzy feeling in the body and heart. To hold Deeksha was like healing my body,mind and spirit.

I had met Priya in 2011 at the Learning Society’s Conference(LSC)  in Bir, Himachal Pradesh. She was the woman with a movie camera there. She made a film on some of us unschoolers who had gathered for a small heart to heart at the Deer Park Monastery there. The film is called “Salt Water and Wisdom” and is available on YouTube. If anyone is interested please watch it.

After the conference, Priya was inspired to become a mother herself and wrote several mails to a few of us expressing her desire for motherhood. This time when I met Priya, she looked like a mother! It is strange. I actually mentioned this to her and told her how different her face and body looked from when I had met her last. Her face was distinctly benevolent. Her body language focused and calmer in some ways. She even had different emotional expressions. She appeared to be a different woman this time.

Her husband Ravi I were meeting for the first time. I had read his mails often on the LSC mailing list. What I liked about him was his self introspective nature and the willingness to walk a different path.

Together as parents of a newborn, they were relaxed and peacefully happy to be with their baby.

The highlight of that evening was the amazing chemistry between Goldy, our dog, and Deeksha. I won’t write much and leave you all with the pictures that I took of the natural curiosity and love and safety that the two shared. I am grateful to Priya and Ravi for trusting Goldy and Deeksha and whole of life.




One thought on “Life is secure and so are your children!

  1. Goldy’s licks were so rejuvinating and relaxing for me too ysterday…seriously considering of surrendering to vidushii’s wish of having one in our family..will happen at its time I guess : )
    These pictures filled with trust and unconditional love only reiterate my will

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