ABBA and Grilled Prawns!

I have been in Pune for the last five days to make my new house in Pune liveable for my children, Goldy and me. I have been staying with Hema. And feel so at home with her children Raghu and Zoya. The other day I was resting in the guest room and Zoya came into the room and lay beside me on the bed. She just lay quietly and did not want me to say anything to her. I was sensing that she was just enjoying my company. Just before that she had helped me cut some potatoes and tomatoes for the dinner dish that I volunteered to cook. During that time Hema had played ABBA songs on the iPad in the kitchen and Zoya and I were dancing while cooking. Zoya loves the film Mama Mia and she loves all the songs. She one day asked me if I would watch the film with her. And I did. I also see how much Gourika, my daughter and Zoya have in common. The things that thy love to do are so similar. 

Last evening Ishaan, my son, called from Delhi and he wanted to speak to Raghu, Hema’s son. My phone was not catching good signal. I told this to Hema in Raghu’s present. He said he too would want to speak to Ishaan. So Hema dialed Delhi number from her phone. Raghu and Ishaan shared how they both liked Grilled Prawns and then Raghu gave the phone to Snowy, their dog and asked Ishaan to speak to Snowy!. Zoya also spoke to Gourika.



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