Escort to lift!

Last week I was out of town. During that week one of the evenings Gourika (10) and Ishaan (6) went to the playground within our housing complex to play. For some reason he wanted to come home earlier. So he told his sister that he is going home. She asked him to wait, but he said he can manage on his own. Our complex is gated but with over 1000 apartments. He waked into our apartment block, and met the local delivery boy who works in the grocery store that is within the complex. The boy was on an errand to deliver some goods. Ishaan knows this older boy well as he often accompanies me or his sister to buy things from the store. He requested the delivery boy to escort him in the lift to the 8th floor where our apartment is. 

My mother was at home, so she was surprised to find him come back alone. He told her matter-of-fact, “The delivery boy is no stranger, we all know him pretty well, so I asked for help.”

We all left it at that and went about our work. 

Later I did speak to Gourika and asked her what happened and she said Ishaan did not want to be escorted by her. He told her he wanted to try out on his own.

This is the first time.


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