‘Mashallah’ and Arabic!

Ishaan and Gourika went and saw the new Hindi film, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, with their dad. Ishaan asked me after he came back, “What is the meaning of Mashallah?” I looked at Gourika curiously. She said, “Mama it is a song from the film with Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan.” Ishaan smiled and said, “I like that song.”

He keeps humming it all the time. Last night he asked Gourika to play the song on YouTube. So three of us cuddled up in front of the screen on the bed. The song is shot in very middle eastern locales…with middle eastern music. It also has a lot of Arabic lyrics too. Katrina looks stunning in navel showing belly dancer costume and with her ‘no belly’ belly does the item quiet well. 

I watched some fear rise in me first about..the usual ones about indecency and sexuality. I smiled at the fears and brought my attention back to the moment in which we were all having innocent fun. Ishaan was singing along! Something that is so rare. Gourika is the singer in the family. Then Ishaan asked me this, “What language is being used mama besides Hindi in the song?” I said Arabic.

He listened some more then asked in which countries do people speak Arabic? I told him, ” one country is United Arab Emirates and the city you know well, Dubai.” His eyes started to shine. He said, “In the city where there is Burj Al Arab, one of the tallest buildings in the world?”..I said yes.

Gourika asked me, “You grew up in Dubai isn’t it? So do you know Arabic?” I said, “well I did learn it as a subject in school and at one time could read and write..but never really could speak or understand the language, except for the word ‘habibi’ which mean beloved. I also know some of the greeting words.”

Then Ishaan wanted a replay of the song. So we did. Katrina does an amazing pelvic lift dance step in the song. Ishaan looked at me and asked, “can one do that?”…So I did that step to humor my kids. And they all rolled off the bed and said..”Mama you need to get your belly all flat first…”

So I said, “yeah but you know I can make my belly dance…if not belly dance!”

We laughed so much at that. Then I explained to them what is the meaning of Mashalla, Subhanallah and Inshallah!

And looked at more YouTube videos of songs we like…and went to sleep peacefully. Here is the link to the song..Enjoy..I did very much.


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