Play is is play!

These are the questions my son Ishaan, who is six years old and who never went to school has learnt to ask me. I do not TEACH….
While playing games on the iPad:
1. How many hours are there in a day?
2. How many minutes are there in an hour?
3. How many seconds are there in a minute?
4. If I say out loud ONE is it one second..or Mom can you count seconds and show me? So I did tick tick one..tick tick two.
5. If it is morning long before it is afternoon?
By watching shadows while walking out with me during the day and night he asked these?
1. Why is the shadow sometimes longer than the man and sometimes shorter?
From his passion for tall towers and buildings he asks these:
1. How many floors?
2. How high is the ceiling of our apartment?
3. If our apartment is 12 feet high then how high is our 10 apt high block?
4. How many feet am I?
5. What is smaller than a foot?
6. How many inches make a foot?
After watching all the shows on TV about 100 years of the sinking of Titanic..this is what Gourika (10) and son played for a whole week:
1. They rearranged the furniture with my help.
2. They pretended they were deep sea divers.
3. They had fancy equipment to fish out ruins of Titanic.
4. Then they reconstructed the pieces (furniture).
5. They imagined that they painted the ship.
6. And then added more features to the ship.
7. Then son became captain Jack Sparrow!!! and DD was Elizabeth from the Black Pearl!
In between the play they keep coming to me to ask for information, words, meanings, references…etc…
Each time we go out in the car or walking…both my kids look at stuff and ask questions…conversations..conversations…that is what we do the whole time…
when I do not have some answers I tell them to give me time and I look it up and get back or figure out some easy way to explain…and provide interesting inputs through internet, movies, books, songs, outings…whatever I can get my hands on…
Sometimes my jaw hurts in the night after having talked and talked and talked…but I am so happy and contended..after those enriching conversations…
My children and their play..make me learn things I do not know or thought was not interested in knowing…The best part is that since the questions come from them..the answers stay with them forever..and it is effortless….no need to sit and cram tables and how to read time by drawing silly circles of clock faces on sheets of paper to learn it…time is being read on iPad, on Mobile phones, on the desk top monitor, on video games, on TV guides, on my lap top…in airports, railway dashboard..
As a parent I am present and enjoying every bit of this learning from all over….
Play…is work…work is play…is what I observe in my children and some other unschooled kids in my community..

2 thoughts on “Play is is play!

  1. I found your blog at an unschooler group on yahoo I read a couple posts while I sit and enjoy my “me time” right before my husband comes home. I find your posts very encouraging, so positive, I love it! You make me feel more confident and inspired to try and be better,because there is moms like you having this awesome relationship with their children and even though mine aren’t bad I think I need to work on myself more to be able to talk love the way you do. Thanks you for sharing bitty pieces of your life!

    • Thank you Paz for liking my blog..I am a single mum…I too go through many conflicting moments and must be honest that I am not my loving best at times…but I have learnt to be little more gentle on myself too and try and be vulnerable with my kids and tell them..”Mum needs some space..till she ready to give again..” Much love.

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