Zen walk in Pool!

When I moved to Pune from Delhi one of the conditions my children put on me was to take a house with a swimming pool. So I looked at houses only with pools. I was very fortunate to have found a lovely house with everything we need including a pool.

Last two weeks the days have been warmer in Pune with evenings and early mornings being nippy. But for those from Delhi where cold is close to one degree Celsius in winter and summers are as hot as 48 degrees Celsius, Pune weather is always spring or more like and English summer!

The kids, both Gourika and Ishaan have been swimming almost everyday now since two weeks. They have managed to get a few other kids to join them too. I bought a tube for Ishaan. Gourika had learnt to swim two summers ago in Delhi, in a club where my father is a member, for which I paid a large fee to a coach. Ishaan swam a few days with the tube, jumping in with the other kids with a lot of gusto. Then I watched him as he tried to dunk himself without the tube. He then tried to stand at the shallow end, where water came up to his chin. He managed to walk with his chin up!. Each day he tried on his own to move his legs and arms. All through this I sat watching from the deck, silently reading my book, but alert if I needed to jump in or cry for help!

Today mid-morning, I went along for a swim with the children. Ishaan surprised me and Gourika by swimming without a tube. Then he asked me to stand away from him as he practiced swimming to me. Each time asking me to go a little farther.

He then asked Gourika to show him breathing under water while swimming. After a few short laps he himself would go aside and rest. I let him rest. He came in again when he felt he could. And we repeated the same exercise.

I did not teach him swimming. I only taught myself to watch how far he is willingly taking himself to learn something that he felt the need to.

We finished the swim date with slow walking in the pool with eyes closed. Three rounds of Zen walking in the pool..Try it, it feels great!



2 thoughts on “Zen walk in Pool!

  1. whoa, what fun to have a house with pool! I’d swim the whole day, too, if we had one. So, is a house with a pool kinda a norm there, in Pune? Is the rent too high? Just wondering, since, as you know, having a pool in your home here in Delhi would be luxuriously expensive.

  2. Rashmie, many building societies are large enough to maintain a pool from the society charges. There are many such in Pune, and the rents are not too high, as rents go. The pools are regulated though – only 4 feet at the deepest end, and always have a pool attendant.

    Lovely, Dola.

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