Nail art and geography!

My children play a lot on the Apple iPad. Their dad had generously gifted them this amazing thing. There are many apps that they keep downloading from Apples Store online. I have only one rule. We try and download only free apps. And once in a while I treat them with a paid apps. 

There is lovely game which Gourika downloaded. It is a nail art apps. You know those fancy colors and glitters that girls like to paint their nails with these days. Nail art with beautiful patterns and designs has become quite a fashion rage in India too. 

Nothing surprising about this. But what was surprising is when I observed my son, Ishaan, also engaging with his elder sister while playing on this apps. I realized what they were doing. They had painted the nails of the model with different flags of nations!…

They came and showed me how each frame had a different flag pattern on the nails. Then they asked me for more flag patterns. I fortunately have a book of flags. I handed that over to them. They spent the whole day creating nail art using that book. If the flag was from a country that they are normally not aware of..They asked me the name of the country.

Last evening we went to a coffee shop where my dear friend joined us for some donuts and coffee. The children took along the iPad and the flag book and continued to play with nail art and flags in between donuts and milk shake. I got a few moments to have an intimate chat with my friend as the children happily kept themselves busy.