A lesson in panic!

The other day we were driving to meet Hema (another unschooler) and her family after a long separation as they were on a road trip…Ishaan was very eager to meet Raghu and Zoya…We had to make a small detour to drop our housekeeper to a bus stop..That took 10 minutes more..Ishaan kept asking for the time…I said..”please don’t ask me the time again and again.”..
He said..”Ok, ok I am panicking right?”
I was surprised at the understanding he had of his emotions and the word…Then what he said surprised me even further and said..”You also panic when I don’t do things according to your ways..”
And my daughter added from behind..”we all panic and it is ok to panic..as long as you know it is panic..”
And I said “yeah..as long we don’t believe in the panic..it is cool..”
And soon we were at Hema’s and a sweet reunion followed!