Try and ask these questions!

We often do not ask children the following questions:

1. How are you feeling dear?

2. Is there something that I can perhaps do for you?

3. What would you like me to do with you?

4. How can I make this day interesting for you?

5. Is there something that you feel I am not doing with you or for you?

6. What would you like for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

7. What would you like to drink dear?

8. Is there something special you want us to do every week?

9. Would you like to stay up later than your usual bedtime?

10. Would you like to stay in bed longer than your usual time in the mornings?

11. Would you like to choose a product/produce of your choice from the grocer or vegetable/fruit vendor?

Ask these on a regular basis and see how sparkling, creative and engaging parenting becomes.



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