Monsoon Trek with Goldy and Ishaan

Ishaan, Goldy and I did a monsoon trek today to a lake and waterfall with other dogs and dog owners. Got wet in rains. Bathed under the waterfall and strolled through mist as it feathered on my head and face. I re-discovered the real Goldy and her amazing being. Today I saw her in her elements and got to see her love and care for me and my family…She was with us all the way without a leash and did not actually care too much for other dogs..male or female, except for the initial ‘butt sniffing and nose kissing”. 🙂 She let them go past her as she waited when either Ishaan or I lagged behind. She stuck to Ishaan as he took a dip into the lake filled to the brim with monsoon water. She walked slowly as I fell back and kept pacing towards Ishaan as he raced ahead..She always kept up and down with us…Loved the way she took dips into the spontaneous streams that had formed. I found a true companion in her all over again. Ishaan was chatting with the other walkers and kids and didn’t need me much except when he got tired on the way back…I was enjoying overhearing his conversations with total strangers. Feeling tired and fulfilled. Slept soundly this afternoon after a long time!


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