Parenting is partnering!

An unschooling parent wanted to know how she could help her son to stop eating food that he is allergic to. She shared how he went for food that was actually harmful for him. She also shared how he got exhausted beyond limit while being involved in activities and she was worried about his health. She was feeling concerned if unschooling meant that she let her child be killed from excesses. This was my response to her:

 It could help to have a gentle conversation with your child about the food he prefers and ask him if he is aware of the allergic reaction that the food causes in him. See if you can talk to him about his body and its specific. And ask him to see if he feels good about his body when the allergic reactions come to him. Also ask him if he feels any discomfort in the body with some foods he likes to eat. That way he himself will feel responsible for his body and its discomfort wrt foods he goes for. Denying him the food arbitrarily will not help as with every human being (and child is a human being)..what really works is to see for oneself what works for one and what doesn’t. This way he will feel empowered to make healthy choices for his own body…:) This way you will actively partner with your child in making healthy choices with him. Regarding exhaustion also do the same..have conversations with him about which time of the day he feels high in energy and which time of the day he feels low in energy..involve him in the process of listening to his own body..Then work with him to see what activities suit which time of the day depending on his energy levels..That way you will empower him to make healthy choices and help him to understand when he needs rest and when he can be active…Every step of the way partner with him to help him understand his body…


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