Learning numbers with Empire State Building!

This is an old post I had written on a homeschooling ning site..indiahomeschoolers.ning.com. Ishaan was at the time I wrote this post close to six years old and he has never been to school!

Ishaan is learning math on his own..he surprises me often. the other day he drew a sketch of the Empire State Building…in parallel to that he drew a number line keeping 100 as the center and wrote backwards ten numbers and forward ten numbers then he told me “mom empire state has 102 floors so if it had only 93 floors then 9 floors still left to build…”

He has been showing a great deal of interest in money…he takes money from me and collects in his little purse. To start with I was a wee bit fearful and judgmental thinking oh no he is crazy for money….but I let go of that old fear of mine with some difficulty and also arrayed many oppositions from others…as our old money beliefs are hard to let go of. The other day we were at a shop to get Gourika’s paintings framed and he saw a picture of large ship and asked the shopkeeper the price.The man said Rs 2200. Ishaan told me “mom for 2200 I need two 1000 notes and two 100 notes..”.
That day he asked me how high is each floor in our apartment..I said perhaps 10 feet….two day later he tells me “our apartment has 8 floors..so the height of our apartment is 80 feet perhaps….” I told him well perhaps close..since we have. Basement too and some concrete in between the floors..but you are close..

I never asked him how he figures all this…that I trust is his internal processing…and he simply knows…

DOLA a surprised mom all the time…and sometimes also scared of the choices I have make with regard to my children…but I keep trusting a little more each time…


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