Small Talk and TV shows!

Another old post I fished out from

Last evening Ishaan was watching a Tom and Jerry cartoon in which Jerry disguises himself as a Red Indian and says “haooo” to fool Tom.

So today in the car Ishaan asks me “mama Jerry was dressed up like those guys in Peter Pan and saying “Haoo”.
I said yes, he was dressed up like a Red Indian.
So Gourika asks me who are Red Indians. So we had a nice little chat on Columbus, native Americans and also learnt the meaning of the word explorer and so they both said in a chorus “like Dora the Explorer”. I said yes.
Since we saw the new Narnia film today, the kids visualised how Columbus must have sailed in his old ship.
Gourika asked me the meaning of the word ‘Native”.
While watching the film Narnia, we discussed what Aslan the Lion actually represented in Lucy’s real world in England. We both figured out it must be courage and nobility!
The new film is really super so unlike the first two. It is deep. It was a great day of learning.

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