Children are my soul keepers!

In my journey so far this is what I have been learning from my life with my children. They are my soul keepers. Listening to them closely has led me to abundance, joy, love and safety. Our children are mirroring all that we are holding back within us. The rebellion of our children is the rebellion of our inner child. Listening to them closely and silently, and trusting them above all, releases us from the bondage of our own conditioning. We can be truly free if only we stopped and trusted that our children actually know better. Listening to out children, no matter how improbable they may sound, brings our soul’s purpose to fruition and their’s too.. How kind and generous the Universe is that it gives us a second chance and then yet another, and another, through our children to be free? “Each time a child is born, the Universe restores its faith in humanity.” – Rabindranath Tagore..
Please don’t misuse this faith and trust.


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