Apple Trees and Honey Bees..and Let it Go!

Last year in August, Ishaan wanted the Christmas tree down from the store and put up. I told him, “it is too early for Christmas.” Ishaan said, “Mum let us invite Jesus early to our house.” We are not practicing Christians. We love and celebrate all festivals and I tell children stories of prophets and Avatars from all faiths, as I trust that they all carried the same message of love and forgiveness. I meditate on Buddhist Mantras and chant Vedic Shlokas and read the Gita, Swami Vivekanand, Deepak Chopra, Osho. I find relief in verses of Rumi and words of Kahlil Gibran. But my children are free to choose their paths. I simply tell them stories. So we got the tree down and put it up and decorated it. He was pleased.

The same day my daughter and I had an appointment with a music teacher, who I had heard of from a common friend. Gourika is keen on music. She sings along a lot with music playing on You Tube and other devices. I asked her if she would like to try out music lessons. Well she kind of agreed. I was very pleased, the old conventional mother in me was happy to see my child agreeing to lessons. The lady had asked her to come prepared with two of her favorite songs. She had prepared two songs from Barbie movies!

The music teacher we met was a practicing Christian Catholic. I was delighted to see a unique picture of Jesus as Yogi in her house. I have no clue where she got it from. I didn’t ask. But she had a lovely and powerful voice and sang “Apple Trees and Honey Bees” and played the piano and Gourika sang along with her, matching her in scale and rhythm. As I hummed that tune, some strange emotions took over, and I had tears in my eyes and realized that, there was some judgment sitting inside me for not having trained fully in music when my mother wanted me to. I did have a music teacher and she was kind but I hated the drill.  I do have a good voice and could sing in tune. But I didn’t want to sing for the world. The heart felt that tinge of great pain, and healing energy entered me and took out the poison of self judgement! As I choked with tears of relief and self love, great realization dawned on me.

At that meeting, it became clear to me that  I would not call it a virtue to learn music as lessons and it is fine if my daughter simply wants to sing along with You Tube and Club Penguin. 🙂 I asked my daughter on the way, what she felt. She said, “I liked her, but I don’t want to learn, I just want to sing.” Of course she did not join her classes. Thank you Ishaan for inviting Jesus early! 🙂 Gourika loves the song “Let it Go’ from Frozen.:)


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