Crazy words to learn alphabets!

Ishaan spends a lot of time on internet. He plays Minecraft. He watches a lot of You Tube videos. He is also a lot into films. He loves tall towers and buildings of the world. He loves ships. He wants to learn to write now, as he wants to be able to type in searches on the Internet.

Here is what he does:

He draws Empire State Building and then asks me to write the letter it starts with. So we devised a new way..

E for Empire State Building

B for Burj Al Khalifa

C for Chrysler Building

W for World Trade Centre

E for Eiffel Tower

B for Big Ben

T for Titanic

H for HMS victory

He asked me to show how he can write his name. Then he asked me to show him how he can write Star Wars. He has been practicing them.

Then we did this:

L for Light Saber

D for Death Star

L for Luke Skywalker

J for Jedi Knight

So far this is what we have been dabbling with..It is great fun!



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