Numbers, tall towers, Hindi and Mahabharat on TV!

Ishaan learnt to count a long time ago by simply asking me how many floors do his favourite tall towers of the world have.

Today he drew one tall tower on each page and wrote the respective number of floors against them..

He spent a good one hour just doing that.:)

Gourika is immersed in the televised version of Mahabharat these days. We watch it together. Today she asked me, “which story are you telling on the Story Telling day?

I have a story telling on 9th of February. I told her that I was going to tell a Hindi story. She asked me, “will you tell in Hindi?” I said, “yes”. She said its was difficult for her to understand. I tried to understand how she did not find it tough to understand Hindi Films which she is also very fond of. She told me, “well in Hindi films they speak more easy.”

She remarked, “When you tell a story in Hindi it sounds like the Hindi in Mahabharat on TV. I would like to understand more.”

I asked her then why does she love the Mahabharat so much. She said because of the story itself. I asked her if she would like to learn more from me. She has consented. So we started with the Hindi basic sounds or vowels!

Her favourite song that she hums these days is, “Yeh Draupadi jisne, bachpan nahi dekha.” Meaning ‘this is Draupadi, who never saw her childhood’. Draupadi was born a woman, out of fire as a gift to her father, to facilitate in bringing balance back/dharma on earth!


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