Winds of Change!

Son’s observation after watching Star Wars the nth time: ‘You know Mama, in Star Wars the blocks are named after alphabets, A, B, C..and X.’ The other observation is: ‘Yoda is an alien saint, and knows when he will die.’
In the afternoon Gourika was singing a Taylor Swift song, she wrote the lyrics from internet. I asked her if she would like to listen to some of the songs I like. She asked me to first sing one. So I sang ‘Rose Garden’ by Lynn Anderson. Gourika said, ‘hey that kind of rhymes’. We then played the song on YouTube and she wanted a video with the lyrics. After that we went on a spree and listened to, Smokie, Europe, Scorpio. Ishaan heard Final Countdown and said, ‘hey that music is on Stampy’s Minecraft video, I know that one.’ Posting lyrics of Winds of Change by Scorpio for all of you. It is also my ex-husband’s favorite: Sorry for the ads.


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