The chatter about cosmos!

The whole of afternoon Ishaan and I had a conversation on solar systems, our galaxy, other solar systems in our galaxy and the possibilities of millions of galaxies. He was inquiring into the possibility of water and oxygen on other planets. Then he shared how it might be possible that some form of life exists in other planets where the life forms breathe some other kind of gas and drink some other kind of liquid perhaps. The discussion meandered from Star Wars, to inter galactic travel, to the speed of light. He said he wants to see all the stars and all the space bodies.:) I said, ‘well you know sometimes the creative people simply travel through fantastic spaces in their art, books, films when they find it hard to actually make it happen.’ He thought a little and said, “Like George Lucas?’ I said well yes like him or like Jules Verne. He asked me who is Jules Verne. I told him he wrote amazing books like Journey to the Center of the Earth, Time Machine, From the Earth to the Moon. He jumped and said, ‘yes yes I saw the films Time Machine and Journey to the Center of the Earth’, then responded, ‘did that moon book come before or Neil Armstrong landed on Moon first?’.:) I said the book came first. He was silent for a while, then said, ‘Hmmm, that means since Star Wars has already been made, I have a chance to make all that really happen?’ I smiled at him. He was impatient for a while and kept saying, ‘how how how?’ I told him it was possible now to travel to some extent into space as yo know. He said, ‘yes that I know but like Star Wars travel.’ I told him well you know some people like the Buddha actually saw themselves as being same as the stars and the moons and they were so stunned by the travels they made in their meditation, they fell silent for days. He asked me, ‘Didn’t Krishna’s mother see the whole cosmos in his open mouth?’ I said ‘exactly that is what I heard too’. I told him about how I had read about many scientist who had similar experiences when the mysteries of this vast cosmos was actually revealed to them and some of their journal notes revealed how they actually got a lot of their theories as visions. I also mentioned how according to Albert Einstein, we are all nothing but light. He listened for a while and said,”Yes that is what Yoda said to Luke Sky Walker too and Light travels real fast is what I heard.” 🙂 I can go on and on..But I think I shall stop for now.


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