We recognize the old song!

Feels simply awesome when my son shows interest in films I watched as a kid myself. The other day he came back home and asked me, “Have you heard a song about Ghostbusters?” I smiled and was surprised. I asked him, “where did you learn of it?” It is a pretty old song. He said, “my new friends Nikhil and Aditya who also like Minecraft like me. were talking about it.” I sang the song back at him, ‘Something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? The Ghostbusters’. He was so happy and the look on his face, well a million dollar’s worth. The connections with my kids in such moments is priceless and worth all the tears and toils. So today we got the old film Ghostbusters and watched it together. Feels great to share my childhood with Ishaan. I have not missed out on much it seems now. Every moment of my childhood passions are now counting through him, through my daughter. They see me, and I seem them. It is healing amazingly.


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