Cue to a chat on the history of colonization!

I am amazed at the knowledge impulse that my son is picking up from watching Minecraft videos by Stampy Longnose and Iballistic Squid. These are two guys who are Minecraft gamers and upload videos for all to see. Yesterday’s conversation was on ‘How did a small tiny island country England become the master of so many nations?’ He came up to me and said, “did you know that England not only ruled India but most of the world at one time? How is that possible?’ And the cue for a lovely chat and sharing on colonization of the world was given to me by eight-year-old son.

Topics we briefly touched upon were:

1. Industrialization of Europe

2. Renaissance

3. Exploration and ship building, navigation sciences.

4. Famous explorers

5. Formation of the East India Company and plantation work.

6. Need for British Empire to set up Administration in countries where they did business.

7. The eviction and suppression of native people in Australia and America.

8. India’s struggle for independence.

9 American War of Independence and George Washington

10. We are going to watch some films that show us some of all this now.

Someday when he wants to go deeper on his own, he will by himself or with help and support from others. But for now this seems good enough.