Dola Dasgupta

I am a mother who lives with two beautiful children. They are now young and growing. I live with my children as co-creators of our lives together. They do not go to school. We are a family which is on a learning path to self discovery without school. I trust that my children are born with the potential to be who ever they wish to be . It is my responsibility to just allow the germination of the seed to its fruition. And in this process I only look at myself as the facilitator of their own learning paths.  I am strewing and scattering  feed and fodder when they ask for them. I sometimes leave knowledge in various forms for them to look at. I do not fret if they pass them by. I just leave them their. I water my own creative spaces and let my children find their’s. Sometimes they cross paths with me. Sometimes they do not. Sometimes our spaces mingle with each other’s and sometimes they stay isolated.

I started unschooling my children when my daughter was six years old and my son was two years old. I trust that my children are born with knowledge that will guide them to their unique purpose in life. I trust that this knowledge gets blocked of its free flow by external intervention of pre-structured curriculum. This organic knowledge and its evolution gets hindered and corrupted by thoughts that are not original but pre-determined and conditioned. When children function without the influence of the effects of old memories imbibed by the parents, a freshness is born. A new leaf is turned. A different blossom blooms with a new fragrance that enchants the Universe. I trust that it cannot be that the Universe creates children so that they may imitate children who were born before them. I trust that through every new child that is born, the Universe is wanting to create something new. The Universe creates infinitely.

In saying this I do not say that structure is bad or curriculum is useless. What I say is each child has his or her own structure and learning path and based on that the child forms his or her own curriculum as he or she walks through life. The dots connect and as a parent I watch and observe closely with love, kindness and wonder and leave some dots here and there for my children to look at and connect. Some dots they let go or erase.  They are then connecting themselves.

Parenting for me is not about TELLING my children to think and do things in a certain way that I know of. Parenting for me is to ALLOW my children and myself to be a witness to the newness that unfolds each day in this new relationship of parent-child. Parenting for me is about living each moment from my unique being, striving to be free from my own parents,  and allowing the same freedom to my children so that they may be free from their mother. It does not mean I am successful all the time. I fail miserably at times. But I trust now that even what seems as failure and success are not that at all. Just more dots to connect and learn from that is all.  I keep working at it.

Through this blog I hope to share stories and learning and insights from my life with my children. I hope to take my readers deeper into their childhood, so that they may  heal themselves, through their children. Children are a second chance to live the childhood you wished you had. Make the most of it. Don’t be miserly in allowing them to be who they are already being!




5 thoughts on “Dola Dasgupta

  1. hi dola , this is binda
    i am mother of 6yrs old son. i would like to know more abt homescholling, as we decided to follow it , since next yr. Now he is studying in 1st std.
    i would like to know-
    Is there an agency with whom are you coordinating
    Where are you obtaining study materials from ? Are they books audio ? video?
    What are the methods of Home schooling you are following? What procedure you recommend for homeschooling?
    What about Government recognition of education? Which agency you are in touch with?
    What about tenth standard ? 12th standard exams, etc and further education. How will homeschool fit into that ?

  2. Hi Dola, This is Archana Khedekar. I am a mother to 6 year old. I have all the doubts mentioned by Binda.

  3. Dear Dola,

    I’m writing to you from The Alternative (, an online publication with a focus on sustainable living and social impact in India.

    I came across your blog and found your posts very interesting for our homeschooling series ( We would be happy to look at reposting some of your posts to begin with and subsequently publish original posts from you.

    With an Alexa rank of 7088 and average 2 lac hits every month, not to mention being the most read sustainability magazine in India, your original posts first published in The Alternative (with a link back) will help to gather maximum traffic back to your blog. All of this and an awesome chance to be a part of our writer engagement model that subsequently rewards its top writers a notable portfolio as an online journalist, a chance to travel, attend the biggest conferences in India and a commissioned series.

    Look forward to hearing from you on how best we can work together! Please write in to


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